Students Exposure
Students Exposure
Students Exposure

Skill oriented and Value added programmes

The college encourages students to attend skill oriented and value addition programmes which are offered at nominal costs to bridge the gap between the requirements of industry and the topics covered in the curriculum.

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Youth Resource Centre (YRC)

YRC has been established in association with Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development, Sriperumbudur to provide various information to SC students in particular and other students in general to empower them.


Cunnan’s Academy for Excellence

The academy has been established to provide information, conduct awareness programmes and training students for competitive exams such as UPSC, TNPSC, Banking, Insurance, RRB etc.

Smart Classroom

A smart class room is equipped with computer, projector and audio equipment to teach using a wide variety of media. The concept of smart class education that is taught visually is appealing to students in addition to traditional classroom teaching.

Knowledge Centre

Knowledge acts as a one -stop centre for accessing knowledge on different subjects / topics of interest to users.

  • Smart class  connectivity 
  • Contributing and sharing new thoughts and ideas
  • News & Announcements related to latest developments in the field of knowledge
  • Collecting information from projects, literature, experts etc. on various topics and make them accessible in database form
  • Facilitating valuable video conferencing

Programmes for Knowledge Centre

Interactive Sessions:                                                                                                                                       Time: 11.00 a.m. to 12.00 Noon

Sl.No. Date Title Name of the Resource Person
1 09.06.2017 பழங்கால வாணிபமும் தற்கால வாணிபமும் Dr S.Murugesan, Asst. Prof., Tamil
2 12.06.2017 How to promote your communication skills Dr A.Xavier John, Asst. Prof., Tamil
3 13.06.2017 விழாக்களும் விழுமியங்களும் Dr J.Thiripurasudamani, Asst. Prof., Tamil
4 14.06.2017 இந்திய தத்துவம் Dr D.Gunanidhi, Asst. Prof., Tamil
5 15.06.2017 காலம்தோறும் தமிழ் Mrs J.K.Sundari, Asst. Prof., Tamil
6 16.06.2017 Environment Mrs A.Parimala, Asst. Prof., Stat.
7 19.06.2017 தமிழர் பண்பாடு-அன்றும் இன்றும் Dr U.Krishnan, Asst. Prof., Tamil
8 20.06.2017 Green Computing Mrs P.Vinodhini,Asst. Prof., Computer Science
9 21.06.2017 Employee Engagement Mr B.Kalaiyarasan, Asst. Prof., Business Admin
10 22.06.2017 Nano Bots in Blue Brain Mrs G.Deepa, Asst. Prof., Computer App.
11 27.06.2017 Recent Trends in e-commerce Mrs S.Reeta, Asst. Prof, Comp. App.
12 28.06.2017 Career Opportunities in Network Business Mr B.Kalaiyarasan, Asst. Prof., Business Admin
13 29.06.2017 Current Scenario of Social Issues Mr T.Maheswaran, Asst. Prof., Social Work
14 30.06.2017 Career Opportunities in Network Business Mr B.Kalaiyarasan, Asst. Prof., Business Admin
15 03.07.2017 Career Opportunities in Network Business Mr B.Kalaiyarasan, Asst. Prof., Business Admin
16 04.07.2017 பக்தி இலக்கியங்கள் Dr S.Muthumari, Asst. Prof., Tamil
17 05.07.2017 Career Opportunities in Network Business Mr B.Kalaiyarasan, Asst. Prof., Business Admin
18 06.07.2017 Career Opportunities in Network Business Mr B.Kalaiyarasan, Asst. Prof., Business Admin
19 07.07.2017 Career Opportunities in Network Business Mr B.Kalaiyarasan, Asst. Prof., Business Admin
20 10.07.2017 Personality Development Mr S.G.Shankar, Placement Officer
21 11.07.2017 Statistics in Today’s Life Mr B.Anandhavel, Asst. Prof., Statistics
21 11.07.2017-A.N ஆழ்வார்களின் பக்தி நெறி Dr S.Rajalakshmi, Asst. Prof., Tamil (Sh 1)
22 12.07.2017 Youth & Mental Health Mrs I Sheela, YRC Coordinator
23 13.07.2017 Data Mining Mr S.Prabhakaran, Asst. Prof., Comp. Sci.
24 13.07.2017-A.N சைவ அடியவர்களும், திருமுறைகளும் Mrs S.Muthuselvi, Asst. Prof, Tamil (Sh 1)
25 14.07.2017 Meditation through Self Analysis Mr K.Gurumoorthy, Asst. Prof., Comp. Sci.
26 17.07.2017 Impact on GST in Indian Economy Mr M.Mahendran, Asst. Prof, Acc & Fin.
27 18.07.2017 Different Pricing Strategies Mrs V.Raji, Asst. Prof., Acc & Fin.
28 19.07.2017 Emerging Trends in Indian Securities Market Mrs L.Thara, Asst. Prof., Acc & Fin.
29 19.07.2017-A.N Hardware & Networking Mr K.Natarajan, CTO, FIIT, Avadi
30 20.07.2017 Safety Investment Dr S.Prabakaran, Asst. Prof, Acc & Fin.
31 21.07.2017 Investment opportunity Ms K.Vidhya Shree, Asst. Prof, Acc & Fin.
32 24.07.2017 Secret of Success Mr R.Suresh, Asst. Prof., BCA
33 25.07.2017 Self Confidence Dr C.Saravanan, Asst. Prof., Economics
34 25.07.2017-A.N Premchand Quiz Competition Mr C.Manikantan, Asst. Prof. & Head, Hindi
35 26.07.2017 GST & Indian Economy Mr B.Balamurali, Asst. Prof., Acc. & Fin.
36 27.07.2017 Psychology Test Mr E.Saravanan, Asst. Prof., Commerce
37 28.07.2017 வைணவ இலக்கியம் Mrs J.K.Sundari, Asst. Prof., Tamil
38 31.07.2017 Applications of Mathematics Mrs Sunandhini, Asst. Prof., Maths
39 01.08.2017 Cloud Computing Mrs S.Mahalakshmi, Asst. Prof., ISM
40 02.08.2017 Thirukkural and its Needs Mr M.Mahendran, Asst. Prof., Acc. & Fin.
41 03.08.2017 Optical illusions Mrs S.Malarvizhi, Asst. Prof., Commerce
42 07.08.2017 Online Marketing Mrs S.Reeta, Asst. Prof., Computer App.
48 08.08.2017 Today’s Computer World Mrs G.Deepa, Asst. Prof., BCA
49 09.08.2017 Test Marketing Mrs R.Esther Martina, Asst. Prof., ISM
50 16.08.2017 Leadership Mrs P.Libia, Asst. Prof., B.Com. C.S
51 17.08.2017 Human Capital Management Ms S.Dharani, Asst. Prof., Corp. Sec.
52 21.08.2017 Today’s Digital World Mr Viswanath Mudaliar, Asst. Prof., BCA
53 22.08.2017 Web Designing Mrs S.M.Manimegalai, Asst. Prof., BCA
54 23.08.2017 Acupressure Cure Yourself Mrs M.Bramila, Asst. Prof., Maths
55 24.08.2017 Freedom Quiz Dr N.Rajendra Naidu, Director
56 28.08.2017 Fluency Building Activities Mrs C.Manju, Asst. Prof., English
57 29.08.2017 Advertising Mr R.Raghuram, HOD, Vis. Com.
58 30.08.2017 Augmented Reality Vs Virtual Reality Mrs J.Seethalakshmi, Asst. Prof., ISM
59 31.08.2017 Leadership Mrs P.Libia, Asst. Prof., B.Com. C.S
60 01.09.2017 இன்றைய மாணவர்களின் மனவியல் Dr U.Krishnan, Asst. Prof., Tamil
61 06.09.2017 தமிழகத்தில் பாரதம் Dr G.Gunanidhi, Asst. Prof., Tamil
62 07.09.2017 Google your opportunities Dr S.Deepa Priya, HOD, Statistics
63 08.09.2017 SPSS – Introduction Dr S.Deepa Priya, HOD, Statistics
64 11.09.2017 Data Mining Mr K.Gurumoorthy, Asst. Prof., Comp. Sci.
65 12.09.2017 Improvement Plan Dr A. Xavier John, Asst. Prof., Tamil
66 13.09.2017 Graphical User Interface Dr V.Sasikala, Asst. Prof., Comp. Sci.
67 14.09.2017 பண்பை வளர்க்கும் பக்தி Dr K.Krishnamoorthy, Asst. Prof., Tamil
68 15.09.2017 Acupressure M.Bramila, Asst. Prof., Maths
69 18.09.2017 Awareness of Social Media Mr R.Velu, Asst. Prof., English
70 18.09.2017-AN Art of Journal Reading Dr V.Lakshmi, Principal
71 19.09.2017 Applications of maths in daily life Mr R.Vikram, Asst. Prof. Maths
72 20.09.2017 Stages in Film Making Ms D.Vaishnavi, Asst. Prof., Vis. Com.
73 21.09.2017 Self Confidence Mrs N.Swarnalatha, Asst. Prof., P.G. Commerce
74 22.09.2017 The Power of Visual Thinking Mr R.Gokul, Asst. Prof., Vis. Com.
75 25.09.2017 Tax Policy Dr C.Saravanan, Asst. Prof., Economics
76 26.09.2017 Monetary Vs Fiscal Policy Mr R.Karunakaran, Asst. Prof., Economics
78 27.09.2017 TNPSC – Tamil Paper Dr Kannadasan, Asst. Prof., Tamil
79 23.10.2017 Logistics and supply chain management Mr R.R. Padmanabhan, Director, EXIM Academy
80 01.12.2017 Amazing Facts Dr N.Rajendra Naidu, Director
81 04.12.2017 Quibble (Word building) Mr S.Sivasubramanium, Asst. Prof., Economics
82 05.12.2017 Independence – Prior and After – Andaman Island Mrs Prasanna Muraleedharan, Asst. Prof., Economics
83 07.12.2017 Evolution of Money Dr C.Saravanan, Asst. Prof., Economics
84 08.12.2017 Environmental Issues Mr R.Karunakaran, Asst. Prof., Economics
85 09.12.2017 பழ(ம்)மொழி Dr J.Thiripurasudamani, Asst. Prof., Tamil
86 11.12.2017 இக்கால கல்வி Dr U.Krishnan, Asst. Prof., Tamil
87 13.12.2017 படிப்பதும் கற்பதும் Dr R.Tamil Selvan, Asst. Prof., Tamil

Seminars & Conferences Halls

For students exposure several debates, meetings, workshops, competitions etc. (collegiate and inter-collegiate) are conducted on regular basis in Seminar’s & Conference’s halls.

The halls are equipped with LCD projector for power point presentation. There are two halls with a seating capacity of 150 each.

Industrial visit

Our students are provided with adequate exposure to the industrial practices through visit to reputed industries. Accompanied by Faculty members, students are exposed to the practical side of their curriculum learning.

Some of the industries visited by our students are Reserve Bank of India, The Times of India, Chennai Port Trust, Infosys (Mysore & Sholinganallur), Software Technology park of India, KCP Ltd, ICF, Nagman Instruments & Electronics, Flexitronics International, Vestas Wind Technology, Indian Telephone Industries, All India Radio, Best & Crompton Engineering Company, Lalith Kala Academy, Media Today Company and some more reputed industries and a few historical places.


Inter-collegiate Participation

Students are encouraged to participate in inter-collegiate programs conducted by other colleges.

UGC entry level services

Classes are conducted for IAS, IPS, IFS, and other central services, TNPSC exams and Banking services on Saturdays, Sundays and other holidays at free of cost for the benefit for SC/ST, OBC (non-creamy layer) and minority students with the grant provided by the UGC for the welfare of the students community.

An wide array of topics are covered in the sessions which include Current Affairs, History, Geography, Indian Polity, Economics, Science & Tech, International and Bilateral Relations and Quantitative Aptitude (Verbal & Non-verbal).

College Magazine

The college Magazine is published annually. The Magazine offers an opportunity to the students and staff to contribute their writings and artistic skills in the form of articles, poems, drawings etc.


Winter Vacation Camps

Personality enrichment, skill oriented and value based progammes etc. are conducted for empowerment of students.


Interdisciplinary programme

Interdisciplinary programmes which offer minor courses of study related to non-core fields enable students to pursue a subject from different perspectives. II & III year students may select any one of the following programmes for their interdisciplinary study for 3rd & 5th semesters, respectively.

  • Personal Investment
  • Corporate Governance & Social Responsibilities
  • Fundamentals of Filmmaking
  • Fundamentals of Economics
  • Social Policy and Legislation Systems in India
  • An Introduction to Business Law
  • Basics of Electrical, Electronics and Physics
  • Basics of Computer
  • SPSS Package
  • Taxation
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Marketing

One day workshop for students

One day workshops are conducted for III year students on general / subject topics by eminent resource persons which empower their personality and intellectual skills.

Student Leadership Development Programme

One day ‘Student Leadership Training Programme’ is conducted annually for prospective university rank holders by inviting resource persons which inculcates leadership and personality development skills.

Orientation Programme

The orientation programme is designed to support first year students as they begin their journey in the college. The activities scheduled for orientation programme will focus on the issues and resources that are most important to new students.

Microsoft IT Academy

The Microsoft IT Academy programme membership obtained by the college offers several online learning courses and Microsoft Certification to students enabling bright placement opportunities.



Our college offers internship to students in certain retail sectors, banks, institutions etc. for their practical exposure.

The Hindu Newspaper subscription & Quiz

All the students subscribe to The Hindu Newspaper on all working days. A Quiz is conducted on monthly basis (first working day of each month) based on The Hindu news.



CA & CS Coaching Classes 

The foundation course classes for C.A. (Chartered Accountancy) and C.S. (Company Secretaryship) are conducted on Saturdays and Sundays by qualified and experienced professors in association with the Institute of Chartered Accounts of India and the Institute of Company Secretaries of India.