Research & Development

Dr. N.Rajendra Naidu, M.Com., M.Phil., Ph.D., Director, Centre for Research and Development ‘Centre for Research & Development’ has been established with the aim of promoting research and research related activities in the college both from the point of view of students and staff. For students although research is not compulsory for U.G & P.G students, our college introduced basic research for the benefit of students. There are different approaches to research. Some of these include:

  • Library searches/Attending workshops/ Awareness programmes
  • Surveys and Interviews
  • Fieldwork & data collection
  • Creative writing
  • Creative Computer programming
  • Presenting papers in seminars and conferences

Think about your involvement in research as a progression to your education and future career. The centre for Research & Development provides information on educational programmes and workshops to help you in pursuing basic research.

For Staff

There is an exclusive Research Forum for staff to interact, present papers and conduct of awareness programmes related to research at regular intervals. It is co-ordinated by Dr G.Kalvikkarasi, Associate Prof. & HOD of English.

  • To inculcate research culture in the institution
  • To provide information regarding research grants and funding agencies
  • To conduct awareness programs / workshops on research related activities
  • To encourage the faculty to prepare major & minor research project proposals
  • To give a thrust for research publication and paper presentation in conferences and seminars
  • To facilitate the faculty to obtain guideship from various Universities and Colleges
  • To monitor ongoing research projects in the institution
  • To provide external research library facility
  • To facilitate conduct of National and International Conferences

Research Supervisors 

  • Dr V.Raman, Associate Professor and HOD of Corporate Secretaryship (Retired) – University of Madras & Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Viswa Mahavidyalaya
  • Dr V.Ranganivas, Associate Professor and HOD of History (Deputation)  – University of Madras
  • Dr V.Lakshmi, Principal & HOD of Economics – University of Madras
  • Dr G.Kalvikkarasi, Associate Professor & HOD of English – University of Madras
  • Dr M.Kulothungan, Director of Physical Education – University of Madras

Research Wing in Library

    An exclusive Research Wing in College Library has been established with computers and printer with internet facility and a collection of thesis and research methodology books for the benefit of research scholars and P.G. students browsing and reference.

Awarded  Ph.D. during  the academic year 2013-14

  1. Dr Zainab Bee, Assistant Professor, Department of Hindi
  2. Dr P.Bhavani, Assistant Professor, Department of Telugu
  3. Dr C.Madhavi, Assistant Professor, Department of Telugu
  4. Dr S.Murugesan, Assistant Professor, Department of Tamil
  5. Dr S.Kannadasan, Assistant Professor, Department of Tamil
  6. Dr N.Subbulakshmi, Assistant Professor, Department of Tamil
  7. Dr J.Thiripura Sudamani, Assistant Professor, Department of Tamil

Awarded  Ph.D. during  the academic year 2014-15

  1. Dr J.Mahalakshmi, Assistant Professor, Department of Accounting & Finance
  2. Dr S.K.Prakash, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics
  3. Dr L.Pari Dayal, Assistant Professor & Head, Department of Statistics

 Awarded  Ph.D. during  the academic year 2015-16

  1. Dr S.Veeramani, Associate Professor of Economics
  2. Dr T.S.Ravi, HOD, Department of PG Commerce
  3. Dr M.Abirami, HOD, Department of Corporate Secretaryship
  4. Dr G.Balu, HOD, Department of Accounting & Finance


  • 01.07.2013 – ‘Capacity Building and Personality Development by Dr R.Christodas Gandhi, I,A.S.,(Retd).
  • 09.07.2013 & 10.07.2013 – Awareness Programme by Ampersand Academy.
  • 17.07.2013 – Awareness Programme on ‘Water Scarcity- Natural or Man made’ by Mr S.Natesan, Exnora Envi. Research Institute, Chennai.
  • 24.07.2013 – Interactive Session on ‘Role of Banking and Vision for India by Mr C.H.Venkatachalam, General Secretary, All India Bank Employees’ Association.
  • 29.07.2013 – Awareness Programme on Company Secretaryship by Dr V.Balaji, Asst. Education Officer, Institute of Company Secretaryship.
  • 06.08.2013 – Guest Lecture on Personality Development by Mr K.Bhaskaran, ITO.
  • 07.08.2013 – Skill Development Programme for Teaching Staff members conducted by Andhra Chamber of Commerce.
  • 13.08.2013 – Introduction to Research for Staff by Dr.K.Sathyamoorthi, Professor, Madras School of Social Work.
  • 14.08.2013 – Motivational Programme by Mrs K.Saraswathi, Secretary General, Madras Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • 24.08.2013 – Skill Development Programme for Staff Volunteers by Mr N.Devarajan, HR Consultant.
  • 30.08.2013 & 31.08.2013 – Reading Crash Course ‘ Read India Read’ by Mr Chandresh Viyas & Ms Anandi Vora, Read India Read Movement, Mumbai.
  • 08.09.2013 – Inauguration of Weekend MBA Course by Mr N.Mathur, Chairman, Impact Consulting & Allure Fashions.
  • 11.09.2013 – Inauguration of Aavin Parlour by Dr Pravin Tellakula, President DRBCCC Charities.
  • 11.09.2013 – Inauguration of Youth Resource Centre in association with Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development by Dr D.Jayalakshmi, Registrar i/c, RGNIYD, Sriperumbudur.
  • 14.09.2013 – Skill Development Test for all final year students by Andhra Chamber of Commerce.
  • 30.09.2013 – Interactive session on Research by Dr.P.A.Sathyanarayana, Professor & Research Head, Centre for Research in Commerce, Gurunanak College, Chennai
  • 04.10.2013 – Inauguration of Cunnan Academy for Excellence by Mr K.Allaudin, I.A.S. (Retd.).
  • 22.10.2013 – Endowment Lecture on ‘Driving Tool Dynamism’ in memory of our Founder Couple by Mr R.Natraj, I.P.S. (Retd.) Former DGP Tamil Nadu and Former Chairman TNPSC
  • 29.10.2013 – Workshop for Teachers on ‘Professional Skills and Power Initiative’ by Swami Sathya Prabhanandha, Dr.Sunder, Mr V.Narayan and Mr V.Ramachandran.
  • 04.12.2013 – Investor Awareness Programme by Mr S.Mahadevan, Finance Advisor & Member Investor Association of Tamil Nadu.
  • 09.12.2013 – Lecture on Banking and Economics by Mr S.Arunachalaramanan, Director, DEPR, RBI, Chennai.
  • 10.12.2013 – Research Activities in College by Mr A.R.Veeramani, Dean, College Development Council, University of Madras, Chennai.
  • 14.12.2013 – Lecture on ‘Indian Economic Scenerio’ by Mr R.Uppill, Financial Adviser & Stock Market Analyst.
  • 23.12.2013 to 31.12.2013 – Winter Vacation Camp by Mr Ashwin, Psychology Trainer and Business Consultant, Dr R.Christodas Gandhi, I,A.S. (Retd.), Mr M.L.Narendra Kumar, Alumnus), Corporate Trainer, Dr G.Arumugam, (Alumnus) Soft Skill Trainer, Mr M.K. Anand, Director Solution Consultant, See Change Consulting & Member Andhra Chamber of Commerce.
  • 03.02.2014 – Role of RBI in Redressing the Customer Grievances by Sri U.Chiranjeevi, Banking Ombudsman, RBI, Chennai
  • 24.02.2014 – Finishing School Awareness programme – Direction to destination by Mr M.K.Anand and team, See Change and Vibrant Organisations
  • 25.02.2014 – Session on Recent Trends in Information Technology by Mr K.Rambabu, Newgen Technology, USA
  • 03.03.2014 – Workshop for students on Skill Enhancement. I-session Mr.K.Mohan, topic: Mind Dynamics and Goal Setting, II session: Dr S.Sridhar, Topic: Are Bank doing Justice to Customers, III Session Mr Prijoe Tharu, Topic: Identification of Individual Skills
  • 06.03.2014 – Power seminar on Recent Trends in I.T. by Ganesh Hariharan, Project Manager, Wipro Technologies
  • 08.03.2014 – One day Student Leadership Development Programme for Prospective University Rank Holders (6 sessions)
  • 15.03.2014 – Interactive session on Application of Statistics in Research by Dr M.Bagavandas, Retd. Professor of Statistics, Madras Christian College.
  • 26.04.2014 – Human Resource Conclave in association with Andhra Chamber of Commerce – Inaugurated by Dr K.Rosaiah, Governor of Tamil Nadu. Valedictory Session by Dr R.Thandavan, Vice Chancellor, University of Madras. Alumni Website inaugurated by Governor of Tamil Nadu.
  • 06.05.2014 – One day workshop for Non-teaching staff (Five sessions – Meditation, Motivation and Communication skills, Participation / Drafting of letters and recording & maintenance of accounts)
  • 07.05.2014 – Awareness programme for plus two students on Arts and Science Courses


  • 03.06.2014 to 05.06.2014 – Faculty Orientation and Development Workshop for new and junior teaching staff members by Prof C.Vasudevan, Corporate Trainer 
  • 16.06.2014 – Finishing School Programme in Association with Vibrant & See Change Consortium for II year Shift – 2 students
  • 23.06.2014 –  Finishing School Programme in Association with Vibrant & See Change Consortium for III year Shift – 2 students
  • 02.07.2014 – Students teaching to School Students (Computer Science & BCA students to teach computer papers at Govt. School) in Govt. School, Modern City, Pattabiram.
  • 07.07.2014 – Inauguration of Interdisciplinary Programme by Sri P.S.Vijay, Corporate cum Civil Service Trainer, Officers IAS Academy, Chennai
  • 23.07.2014 –  Finishing School Programme in Association with Vibrant & See Change Consortium for I year Shift – 2 students
  • 25.07.2014 to 28.07.2014 – Faculty Development Programme at Yelagiri Hills by Dr M.Parivallal, Director and his team
  • 04.08.2014 – Domain Specific Training Programme in Commerce in Association with istar Skill Development Pvt Ltd, Bangalore
  • 15.09.2014 – Session on Stress Management and Interpersonal Skills (Teaching Staff members) by Mr Bharat Trivedi, B.Tech., (IIT- Bombay), Director, Atul Group of Companies
  • 16.09.2014 – 17.09.2014 – National Summit at Christ College, Bangalore (Dr N.Rajendra Naidu, Director,Dr P.Seethamma, Associate Professor of Telugu, Dr G.Kalvikkarasi, Associate Professor of English, Mr T.S.Ravi, Assistant Professor and Head, Dept of P.G. Commerce)
  • 17.09.2014 – One day workshop on Recent Trends in Information Technology by Dr Sathyanarayana, Principal, Sindi College, Mr K. Adhivarahan, Counsellor & Psychotherapist
  • 19.09.2014 – One day workshop on ‘Career Prospective for Commerce Student
  • 23.09.2014 – Madras Management Association – Awareness Programme by R.Prabhu Shankar, Manager, Co-ordination, MMA
  • 27.09.2014 – One Day Workshop on Dynamic Entrepreneurship by Sri P.C.Praveen Kumar, E.P.B.M. (IIM – Kolkata), Director, National Cyber Safety Ltd,  Sri Tirumala C.S. Sundaram, General Manager, HMG Foundation, Chennai, Mr N.Balasubramanian, Sr. Manager, (Faculty) IOB Staff College
  • 17.10.2014 – Industrial Visit to Financial Gallery of Reserve bank of India
  • 25.10.2014 – Research Article Writing by Dr S.Srinivasaragavan, Professor & Head, Dept. of LIS, Bharathidasan University, Trichi
  • 27.10.2014 – ‘Going beyond Theory’ for students interested in Basic Research by Mr M.K.Anand,  Seechange Consulting
  • 27.10.2014 – Lecture on Opportunities in I.T. Industries by Mr K.Purushothaman, Senior Regional Director, NASSCOM
  • 29.10.2014 – Interactive Meeting on ‘Research for Staff’ by Dr G.Koteeswara Prasad, Professor, Rajiv Gandhi Chair, University of Madras
  • 29.11.2014 – Session on ‘Finance – A life skill and an opportunity’ by Mr Saurabh Chacko, Assistant Manager, National Stock Exchange of India Ltd and Mr M.Shekar, CEO & President, IFB.
  • 13.12.2014 – Session on ‘Qualitative Aspects of Higher Education’ for Staff by Dr Latha Pillai, Director, Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development
  • 18.12.2014 to 30.12.2014 – Winter Vacation Camp on Spoken English for I year students
  • 02.01.2015 – One Day Student Leadership Development Programme for Prospective University Rank Holders
  • 10.01.2015 – One Day Youth Conclave in Association with Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development for 100 SC/ST students of our college and neighbouring colleges.
  • 21.01.2015 – Inauguration of Commerce Lab by Dr N.R.Dave, President, Hindustan Chamber of Commerce, Chennai
  • 10.02.2015 – Students’ Basic Research by Dr S.Karunanidhi, Prof & Head, Dept. of Psychology, Dean-Research, Member – Syndicate, University of Madras
  • 28.02.2015 – Live Union Budget telecast in the Library
  • 28.02.2015 – Lecture on Investment Planning in association with Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) by Dr Kasilingam, Associate Professor, Dept. of Management Studies, Pondichery University
  • 03.03.2015 – Endowment Lecture on ‘Human Values’ in memory of our Founder Couple by Pandit Kaliyur Narayanan, Astrologer.
  • 05.03.2015 – Union Budget – 2015 Discussion by Sri M.Inbaraj, Chartered Accountant
  • 06.03.2015 – Interactive Session on Basics of Research by Dr L.Cecis Dastan, Associate Professor, Department of Commerce, Presidency College
  • 20.03.2015 – Session on Financial Planning for Young Investors by Dr N.Rajendra Naidu, Director at Cunnan Knowledge Centre
  • 25.03.2015 – Interdisciplinary meeting by Dr Syed Arifulla, Group Head – HR, GRT Group
  • 04 & 06.04.2015 – Insurance Summer Internship Programme  by Mr K.Sundar, Director, Vizza Insurance Booking Services Pvt Ltd, Chennai


  • 8th and 9th May 2015 – Workshop for Administrative Staff by Dr S.RM.Sokkalingam, Programme Director, Versatile Corporate Solutions, Egmore, Chennai
  • 2nd and 3rd June 2015- Advanced Faculty Empowerment Programme by Dr S.RM.Sokkalingam,, Programme Director, Versatile Corporate Solution, Egmore, Chennai
  • 8th to 22nd June 2015- Finishing School Programme for III year students by Mr M.K.Anand and his Team, See Change Consulting, Chennai
  • 8th to 20th June 2015 – Communication Skills for II year students by Dr S.RM.Sokkalingam, Programme Director, Versatile Corporate Solution and his Team, Egmore, Chennai
  • 29th June 2015 and 7th July 2015 – Interactive Session on ‘Leadership Qualities with reference to Team Building by Mr Sky Geroges, Asst. Director of Students Activities, Lesley University, Cambridge, USA
  • 17th July 2015 – Inauguration of Interdisciplinary Programme by Dr S. Kalpana Bai, Principal &  Dr N.Rajendra Naidu, Director, DRBCCC Hindu College
  • July 2015 to September 2015 – Daily Interactive Sessions on topics beyond syllabus by eminent personalities and our staff members
  • July 2015 to September 2015 – Daily Group Discussion on current affairs by our faculty and students
  • 12th September 2015 – Ignited Minds – A Programme in memory of Dr A.P.J.Abdul Kalam (extra working day) by Padma Shri Dr S.Rajaram, General Secretary, Sivanandha Saraswathi Sevashram
  • 20.10.2015 – Conducted e-Marketing computer programme test to Commerce and Management students
  • 26.10.2015 – Public viva voce Examination of Mrs M.S.Sasilekha, Asst. Prof. of English, A.M.Jain College, Meenambakkam. External Examiner: Dr David Jayabalan, Associate Professor of English, Loyola College. Research Supervisor: Dr Usha Mahadevan, Former Associate Professor of English, DRBCCC Hindu College
  • 12.12.2015 – One Day Workshop for Commerce and Management Faculty on ‘Current Trends in Commerce Education for staff members of various colleges
  • 06.01.2016 – College Social Responsibility – Distribution of chalk piece boxes to staff, Govt. Hr Secondary School, Thandurai, Pattabiram
  • 21.01.2016 – Commerce Lab Day – Chief Guest: V.Murali, Chartered Accountant, Chairman, Board of Studies, ICAI, New Delhi
  • 22 & 23.01.2016 – Two Day Workshop on Matlab and its applications by Dr M.Gopikirshnan, HOD, Computer Science, Prathyusha Engineering College for Staff members of various colleges
  • 25.01.2016 – Quiz Competition on ‘The Hindu Diary of Events 2015
  • 10.02.2016 – Inauguration of Digital Literacy Programme
  • 11.02.2016 – Survey of Plus two students opinion on preference for higher studies
  • 20.02.2016 – Donated 20 wooden chairs to Govt. Hr. Sec. School, Thandurai, Pattabiram
  • 27.02.2016- Student Leadership Development Programme, 7 Sessions were conducted for Prospective University Rank Holders
  • 29.02.2016 – Live Union Budget Viewed in Commerce Lab and Test was conducted based on Budget – 2016
  • 05.03.2016- Endowment Lecture on ‘Education Through Ages’ by Dr.Pappu Venugopala Rao, Secretary, Music Academy, Chennai
  • 30.03.2016 – One Day Workshop on Fundamentals of Thesis Writing for Faculty Members and Research Scholars of Tamil Nadu
  • 06 to 13.04.2016 – SPSS Packages classes for Faculty Members of our College


Registration for Ph.D. by Faculty Shift – 1 & 2

Name & Designation of the Faculty Department Research Guide
Mrs .N.Jayasudha, Asst. Prof. Shift 1 English Dr G.Kalvikkarasi
Mrs V.Kayalvizhi, Asst. Prof. Shift 1 History Dr V.Ranganivas
Ms S.Malarvizhi, Asst. Prof. Shift 2 ISM Dr V.Raman
Ms R.B.Nagarathinam, Asst. Prof., Bhakthavatsalam College Commerce Dr V.Raman
Mrs D.Sundari, Asst. Prof. Shift 2 Economics Dr V.Lakshmi
Ms A.K.Chandralekha, Asst. Prof.Velammal Institute of Technology English Dr G.Kalvikkarasi
Mr D.Vinoth Kumar, Asst. Prof. Sindhi College English Dr G.Kalvikkarasi
Mr N.Suresh, Assistant, Shift – 1 (Office) Commerce Dr V.Raman
Ms B.Vijayalakshmi, Asst. Prof. Shift 2 Commerce Dr V.Raman
Mr P.Nappenei, Asst. Prof,T.S. Narayanasamy College of Arts & Science Economics Dr V.Lakshmi
Mr S.Shanmugam, Asst. Prof., Shift 1 Economics Dr V.Lakshmi
Ms Divya Prabha.P, Asst. Prof,  A.M. Jain College English Dr G.Kalvikkarasi
Mr A.Justin, Head Master, Chennai High School History Dr V.Ranganivas
Mrs S.Thahera, Asst. Prof, Shift 2 English Dr G.Kalvikkarasi



Name of the Department


Department of Library Recent Trends in Library and Information Services’ (RTLIS) in collaboration with Indian Academic Library Association, Tamil Nadu(IALA) on 07.03.2015
Department of Physical Education Role on modern technology in physical education and sports on 6 & 7.2.2015
Department of Commerce, Shift – 1 Opportunities and Challenges in Indian Corporate Sector on 21.02.2015

UGC National Level Conferences conducted during 2014-15

National Level Conference conducted – Sponsored by Management

Name of the Department


Department of Library Information Management in the Knowledge Era on 25.10.2015

UGC Minor Research Sanctioned

Name    : P.Arivazhagan, Asst Prof of PG Commerce

Topic    :  A Study on Impact of Micro finance on Empowerment of Poor Women with reference to Thiruvallur District

Grant    : Rs.70,000/-

Period  : 27.01.2015 to 27.01.2017

Plan of action for 2016 – 17

 Encouraging research culture in the college

  • UGC Minor Research Project
  • Students basic research (Surveys, Interactive Workshops etc.)
  • Industry- Institution Linkages
  • National conferences
  • Faculty Development Programmes
  • Publication of Journal of Multidisciplinary  Research
  • Interactive Sessions for teaching staff by valuable resource persons
  • Conduct of Inter-disciplinary subjects
  • Video conferencing / Interactive sessions / Workshops on general topics at Knowledge Centre
  • Winter Vacation camp for students
  • Workshops for students (department wise)
  • Student Leadership Development Programme
  • Conduct of practical sessions / group discussions / live business telecast etc. at Commerce Lab
  • Skill Development & Value Addition Programmes
  • Community Development Programmes
  • MoU and Tie up with other Institutions
  • Video Conferencing
  • Involving students in syllabus framing (beyond syllabus) & Question paper preparation
  • Conduct of Orientation Programme for new faculty members


  • 02 & 03.06.2016 – Two Day Orientation Programme for new staff by Prof. C.Vasudevan, CEO, Creative Management Systems
  • 16.06.2016 – Inauguration of English Communication Skills for I year students by Thiru T.K. Navukkarasu, Retired Teacher, Tiruvallur School
  • 20.06.2016 – Inauguration of Personality Development Classes by Mr Sundar Rangarajan, Soft Skill Trainer
  • 04.07.2016 – The Hindu ‘Future India Club’ Inauguration by Mr Premanand, Regional Manager, Circulation, The Hindu Group
  • 11.07.2016 to 15.07.2016 – Entrepreneurship Development Programme in association with ICT Academy of Tamil Nadu & SIDBI
  • 16.07.2016 – Inauguration of CA & CS Foundation courses coaching classes by Sri K.R.Parthasarathy, Company Secretary, Chief Financial Officer, L&T Kobelco
  • 16.07.2016 (10 Saturdays) – UGC – NET Coaching classes to our and other college staff members by Dr Nallathambi, Department of Tamil, Govt. College, Athur
  • 29.07.2016 – Interactive Session on Research and its Impact to Staff members by Dr Mary Jeyanthi Prem, Director & Research Advisor, Karka Kasadara Academy, Ambattur
  • 29.08.2016 – Digital Literacy Programme for Parents
  • 09.09.2016 – The Hindu Future India Club – Skill Grow Learning Systems  by Mr Srikumar, Founder &  CEO, Skill Grow Learning Systems
  • 26.09.2016 – Faculty Development Programme on Excellence in Teaching – Learning Process by Dr Jyothi Ravichandran & Dr Sangeetha Madhu, Psychologists
  • 29.09.2016 – Basics of Research for Students by Dr V.Lakshmi, HOD of Economics (Shift 1)
  • 31.10.2016 – Techniques of Article Writing in Research Journal by Dr R.Sevukan, HOD, Dept. of Library & Information Science, Pondicherry University
  • 31.10.2016 – Vigilance Awareness Week in Association with Indian Overseas Bank by Mr U.Sadananda Murthy, Chief Regional Manager, Indian Overseas Bank
  • 04.12.2016 – Inauguration of Microsoft IT Academy
  • 01.02.2017 – Live Union Budget – 2017 Discussion
  • 07.02.2017- Post Union Budget Discussion – 2017 Chief Guest : Mrs Srividhya, Chartered Accountant
  • 10 & 11.02.2017 – Two Day International Conference on Contemporary Development in Business organised by Commerce and Related Departments
  • 17 & 18.02.2017 – Two Day International Conference on Cyber Criminology, Digital Forensics & Information Security organised by the Departments of Computer Science, Computer Applications and Information Systems Management
  • 28.02.2017 – National Science Day, Chief Guest: Mr S.Mathivanan, Scientist ‘G’, CVRD (DRDO), Retd, Visiting Professor, AICTE, INAE
  • 10.03.2017 –  One Day Student Leadership Development Programme
  • 18.03.2017 – Endowment Lecture in memory of our Founder Couple on ‘Secrets of Success in Life-ways  & Means’ by Dr G.S.Ayyappan, Senior Scientist, Central Scientific Instruments Organisation, Chennai
  • 21.03.2017 – Second Anniversary of Commerce Lab, Chief Guest: Dr S.Sasikala, Joint Director of Collegiate Education, Chennai Region


10 & 11.02.2017 Two Day International Conference on Contemporary Developments in Business – Organised by Commerce Related Departments
17 & 18.02.2017 Two Day International Conference on Cyber Criminology, Digital Forensics & Information Security – Organised by Department of Computer Science, Computer Applications & Information Systems Management
03 & 04.03.2017 Two Day International Conference on Development and Challenges in Post Independent India – Organised by Department of History



  • 02 & 03.06.2017 – Two Day Orientation Programme for new staff by Prof. C.Vasudevan, CEO, Creative Management Systems
  • 10.06.2017 – One Day Faculty Development Programme on Benchmarking practices in higher education, Dr B.S.Ponmudiraj, Deputy Adviser, NAAC, Bengaluru
  • 30.06.2017 – Inauguration of CA & CS Foundation coaching classes
  • 01.07.2017 – Interactive Session on GST by Dr N.Rajendra Naidu, Director
  • 10, 11 & 12.07.2017 – Live GST Telecast at DD
  • 15.07.2017 – Village Medical Camp at Rangapuram Village
  • 19.07.2017 – Research Forum Inaugurated
  • 24.07.2017 – Income Tax Day by Dr N.Rajendra Naidu, Director
  •  01.08.2017 – Inauguration of Interdisciplinary Programme by  Dr K.Prabhakar, Head, Research Initiative, CSIM, Chennai
  • 07.08.2017 – Plagiarism & plagiarism Detection tools by Research Forum
  • 15.08.2017 – Independence Day Celebrated in Rangapuram Village
  • 21.08.2017 – Inauguration of M.Phil. (Commerce) Courses
  • 24.08.2017 – ‘Basics of Survey’ by Dr K.Jothisivagnanam, Prof. & Head, Dept. of Economics and Syndicate Member, University of Madras
  • 28.08.2017 – Digital Literacy Programme for Parents
  • 13.09.2017 – Value Education Programme organised by Karuna Club. Chief Guest: Mr S.Azhagam Perumal, Advocate & Mr A.S. Rama Murugesh, Educational Officer
  • 15.09.2017 – Village camp at Rangapuram Village (College Social Responsibility)
  • 16.09.2017 – Awareness Programme on Competitive Exams by Mr M.Kannan, Asst. Director, District Employment & Training
  • 19.09.2017 – Awareness and Opportunities on Entrepreneurship in India for the Students by Sri A.P. Muruganandham,  National Co-ordinator, Make in India Programme
  • 24.09.2017 – Inauguration of UGC-NET Coaching Classes by Dr Nallathambi, Professor of Tamil, Govt. Arts College, Athur