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Rules of Attendance
  • The working day is divided into five periods of one hour duration. There is a thirty minutes lunch break after the third period.
  • Attendance will be taken for every period whether it is lecture or tutorial class of any kind prescribed in the college time table.
  • A student will be considered as present on any day unless he/she attends all the hours prescribed for the day. In special cases, the Principal may grant exemption from attendance.
  • A student who is absent for one period in the fore noon loses half a day’s attendance. If a student is absent for one period in the fore noon and one period in the afternoon he / she will lose one day’s attendance.
  • Exemption from attending classed will not be granted for flimsy reasons. Parents / guardians are requested to watch their wards regarding attendance.
  • No student shall be absent without prior application for leave countersigned by the Parent or Guardian before availing leave. If this is not possible, such leave letter must be submitted immediately on return to the college. The application for leave for afternoon session must always be submitted before availing the leave, in person, duly countersigned by the Head of Department concerned.
  • If a student goes on leave for more than three days, the parent / guardian must write an explanatory letter giving reasons. If leave is sought on grounds of sickness, medical certificate is necessary. This procedure should be adopted for absence of even less than three days if it happens during the college examinations.
  • If a student absents himself / herself without a leave letter continuously for five days, his / her name will be struck off the rolls and will be re-admitted only after a satisfactory explanation from him / her and on payment of the re-admission fee Rs.50/- (Rupees fifty only)
  • Only those who have secured a minimum 75% of attendance will be allowed to appear for the University Examinations.
  • Granting condonation of attendance will be considered only if he / she secures a minimum of 25% of marks in all the papers of the revision test of both the semesters.
  • There is five marks weightage for attendance in all subjects.