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Department of Visual Communication

In this age of multimedia and mass communication, visual communication gains great supremacy as a vehicle for education and entertainment. As a mode of discourse, this course teaches the power of visual communication guides the student for identification of the key components of effective visual presentations and discusses the technologies that help in more successful presentations.
Visual Communication department was started in the year 2007. The department’s infrastructure has the state of the art facilities with highly equipped labs such as Television production and photography lab, Multimedia lab, Acoustics lab, Drawing room, Preview theatre and editing studio, funded liberally by the management and thus helping the students to be in tune with the media world.

The employability rate of the department is very high as it is thoroughly job oriented in creating movie directors, editors, graphic designers, web designers, art directors, documentary composers ,advertisement designers, illustrators, animation experts ,consultants and anchors in radio and television channels. The department faculty trains the students with mock news reading sessions and guides them in field work to gather information. Thus the verbal and visual acumen of the students is well developed by the faculty and the experts from the film industries and advertisement industries who guide them. Internships in film industry, television channels, and publishing industries are the significant features of the department.

The department encourages hands on experience for the students to take short films with more of social and cultural consciousness. The department sees the light of the days brightly as the students grow creatively, intellectually and technically well through this course.


Mr Mr R.Raghuram, M.A., M.Phil., SET, NET,

Assistant Professor & Head


Ms D.Vaishnavi, M.Sc.,

Assistant Professor


Mr R.Gokul, M.A., SET.,

Assistant Professor


Mr P.Jeevanandham, MFA.,

Assistant Professor




  • October 2015 – Workshop on Advanced Photography in Professional Practice by Mr M.Ilayaraja, Photographer
  • February 2016 – One Day workshop on Film Making by Mr Sathyamoorthy, Film Director
  • March 2016 – One Day workshop on Film Editing by Mr Charles, Film Editor
  • March 2016 – One Day workshop on Sound Design by Mr Solomon, Live Recorder, Jaya TV
  • March 2016 – Media Icon. Chief Guest: Mr Vinoth, Actor
  • 01.02.2017 – One Day National Level Photography Workshop by Mr Arunraj, Secretary, Mr Viduthalai, President and Mr Kirubaharan, Assistant Professor
  • 28.02.2017 & 01.03.2017 – Media Icon. Chief guest: Mr Saabu Joseph, National Award Winner for Editing
  • 03.08.2017 – Workshop on Script to Screen by Mr. R.D. Balaji, Dean, Bharathiraja International Institute of Cinema
  • 17.08.2017 – Nuances of Film making by Mr Murali Apas, Film Director
  • 30 & 31.08.2017 & 22.09.2017 – Three Day Workshop on Photography by Mr.R. Ramanidharan, A noted wildlife and architectural photographer
  • 08.09.2017 – Visual Culture and Visual Anthropology by Dr.Subramaniam, Director – Tribal Research Centre
  • 13.09.2017 – Workshop on Basics of Cinematography by Mr. Arun Prasad, Cinematographer